How It Works

Get Your Project Up And Running In 3 steps


Book A Call

Book a call to speak with a product strategist on your needs, goals to find a subscription that works best for your company.

After you’ve joined and received membership, you’ll be invited to our platform where you’ll be able to manage tasks, receive updates and communicate with the team working on your project.


Log in To Your Project's Dashboard.

After you’ve logged in to your new account, you’ll be to add new tasks for our team to work on.

You can also send them via email and a team member will add them to your project’s tasks board



After signing up with Lotus Technologies’ unlimited plan, Luke was given unlimited support for everything his app needed.

Instead of worrying about how to hire or depend on internal team members and advisors, he could depend on one centralized service to fulfill the various parts of his vision.

Lotus Technologies now provides him with unlimited mobile app development for both android and IOS and backend development.

And accountability isn’t an issue since all new features and project progress are viewable, task by task through the client dashboard.


Sit Back And Let The Magic Happen

After a task has been added to your project’s tasks’ board, a team member will be delegated to get it done. You’ll receive notifications on progress and timeline estimates via email and push notification if opted in.

Because of our growing network of developers, someone will always be available to get started right away. So you can expect turn around times and communication to be real-time.

Once you see that some of new tasks being completed, you can log In and review and leave feedback for the team.